Who we are:

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Friends For Good

Established in Philadelphia in 2019, Friends for Good is a coalition of young professionals who are committed to engaging with their wider community through volunteering and fundraising to support a variety of nonprofits.

FFG sets itself apart as a nonprofit organization, in that it is not limited to one beneficiary; we support many local charitable efforts and nonprofits, allowing us to quickly respond to areas of the most pressing need. By bringing together Friends with diverse backgrounds, experience, and interests, FFG serves the dual purpose of contributing to the local community, and of creating a community for those who join. 

Friends for Good provides a way for young professionals to connect, gather, and socialize while benefiting charitable organizations that serve the Philadelphia community through fundraising, volunteering, and raising awareness. FFG hosts local volunteer opportunities and signature fundraising events throughout the year.

Our Mission

Friends for Good (FFG) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) social philanthropic organization whose mission is to connect and unite young professionals with the mutual goal of giving back through direct community engagement.

It is our commitment to support other charitable organizations and non-profit groups through our efforts in fundraising, volunteering, and raising awareness for their causes. 


Our members are diverse in their backgrounds, experience, and interests, and come together through their shared pursuit of improving the world by investing time and energy in their local areas. We endeavor to encourage others to become involved, expand FFG to new chapter locations, and to make a positive impact, one person at a time.

Other Thoughts

Why do we believe in FFG so strongly?

We feel the need for our organization is multifaceted and fulfills several dire needs that are present in this day and age. For example, in the era of big data suddenly every person is forced a deluge of all news. We are acutely aware of wars, famines, natural disasters and suffering in every part of the world in real time. As human beings, our natural instinct is to sympathize and be moved to action.


However, with such an overwhelming amount of information, the response has shifted to now normalize trauma and disasters. We feel this compassion fatigue and normalization is a serious problem not only on an individual level but for society. The solution for this is philanthropic involvement. 

By having the ability to volunteer within your community, do good and fulfill that innate desire to help others- it empowers you to know you can make a difference and in turn, dissolves cynicism and restores hope.

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What People Say

The goal of Friends for Good is to create a fun and engaging environment that makes it easy for the busy young professional to give back and become more involved in their community.
Can you imagine if every young professional in Philadelphia signed up for just one or two volunteer events a year? The positive impact on our city would be profound!

I've only been in Philadelphia 6 months and didn't know one person when I moved here. It's always strange being new to a city but FFG really makes it easy to find people that have similar interests! And I was able to give back to my new community!

- Anjali N., Volunteer

-Tiffany Nguyen, Co-Founder

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Even though I had the best intentions of wanting to volunteer, I didn't know where to start and it was so intimidating to do it by myself. So I just kept pushing it off until I found Friends for Good! It was so easy to sign up and I made new friends from volunteering!

- Nick C., Volunteer

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