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FFGxCMMP Collaboration

Looking good while doing good can feel like a challenge, but this spring, Philadelphia-based nonprofit Friends For Good (FFG) is helping you do just that.

Friends For Good dedicates their time and resources to supporting different local causes each month, often in partnership with other nonprofits, but the recent restrictions on in-person gatherings have forced them to think outside the box when planning their events. Co-founder and real estate developer Momin Sheikh was shopping online at his favorite bespoke menswear brand, Commonwealth Proper, when something caught his eye – the brand's credo, "That is the most perfect government in which an injury to one is the concern of all”. It perfectly captured the values of FFG, and of their most recent partnership with Justice For Our Neighbors of the Delaware Valley (JFONDV), a local nonprofit that provides free legal services for immigrants. 


Sheikh moved from Pakistan to California at age five, and watched his parents work hard, only to struggle on the road to citizenship. His time on the board at JFONDV sparked his idea; to create a collaboration between the brand and the nonprofit, enabling them to give back in a new and creative way. He knew he wanted to make the dream he’d prospered from possible for others. He reached out to Commonwealth’s Craig Arthur von Schroeder, Douglas Martin, and Vanessa Davoli, who were eager to bring his vision for a project benefitting JFONDV to life. Together with artist Tiffany Nguyen, a Co-Founder of Friends For Good and herself a child of immigrants, Momin and Commonwealth Proper have designed an exclusive capsule collection of luxury basics that combines the quality their customers love with the facility of casual wear. 


Profits from sales of the organic cotton tees, hoodies, and chic jacket linings, all locally made in Pennsylvania, will go to support Justice For Our Neighbors, ensuring that looking good while doing good is an effortless endeavor.

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